Match Rules
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Saltfleetby Fisheries Match Rules
  1. All nets must be dipped prior to fishing and two keepnets in at the start of the match.
  2. Saltfleetby Fisheries feed pellets only to be used.
  3. No surface fishing and no surface feeding. No cat meat or dog meat.
  4. No floating pole, no braid allowed. Barbless hooks only – max hook size 10.
  5. No fixed rigs, all leads and feeders must be free running up the line. Minimum 4 inch hook length.
  6. All pegs will be entered into the draw unless they are officially removed.
  7. Every competitor must fish from within one metre either side of his/her designated peg. On still water, he/she may fish as far as half the distance between his/her peg and the pegs on either side. Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks, the limit of the swim is the line midway between each bank. The competitor will restrict their activities completely to these boundaries, neither his/her person, his/her tackle; his/her hook baits or ground baits may intrude into his/her neighbour's swim. In an extreme situation e.g. snagged tackle of a snagged fish, an angler must seek permission from his/her neighbour's before moving from his/her designated peg to try and remedy the situation. A competitor must not cause annoyance to, or seek to interfere with another competitor or use mobile phones during the course of the competition. No fishing in reed beds.
  8. No competitor may move his/her peg or exchange his/her peg.
  9. Competitors must take every practicable step to keep their fish alive and, after weighing them, must ensure their careful return to the water. If, for any reason fish are seen to be in distress, a competitor or match official has the right to demand that they be weighed.
  10. A competitor shall have in use one rod or pole (no more than 16metres) one line and one single hook at one time, but may have other rods or poles and tackle assembled for use in position behind him/her, if possible, providing that no such other tackles are baited.
  11. Before the starting signal no competitor must on any account ground bait or loose feed the swim but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float, mix and wet ground bait, clear his/her ground of weed or obstructions and position his/her equipment. On no account must a feeder be used before the starting signal.
  12. Competitors may receive assistance to and from their peg, for themselves or their tackle, or both.
  13. Ground bait or loose feed may be thrown in by hand but only into your margins, it can be introduced into the swim of the angler by the angler with the use of or by use of one or two handed catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders, bait droppers and bait cups, but no other mechanical means of projecting ground bait is allowed. No bait shall be introduced with a pole cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod/pole whilst continuing to fish.
  14. A competitor must strike, play and land his own fish.
  15. No bait, equipment or information can be given to any competitor during the course of the match. Competitors withdrawing from the match are not allowed to give their ground bait or hook bait to or approach another competitor during the duration of a match.
  16. All competitors shall, as far as possible, prevent any persons other than match officials from entering the fishing ground.
  17. No competitor shall leave his/her peg at any time during the course of the match other than to answer the call of nature or obtain refreshments and then he/she must not leave his/her baited hook in the water. At the end of the match, a competitor must remain at his/her peg until his/her catch has been weighed. Any competitor so detailed must have a witness to the weighing of his/her own catch.
  18. A competitor must cease fishing at the finishing signal. Should he/she still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, he/she will be permitted no more than fifteen minutes after time has been called to land the fish.
  19. Do not tumble fish into the keepnets. No more than 50lb in one net. When empting keep nets collapse the net and pull the 2nd /3rd ring from the bottom through the top of the keep net or roll the fish to the top of the keep net while still in the water. Place the fish back into the water by putting net/bag on the top of the water and carefully turn inside out.
  20. All fish must be weighed at the competitor's peg. Unless the bank side terrain renders impossible, no catch shall be carried more than ten yards to the scales.
  21. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter and no competitor may have his/her catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of his/her swim.
  22. Do not throw unwanted bait into the water.
  23. Any objection to an angler's conduct, for whatever reason, must be lodged with a match official within one hour of the end of the match.
  24. Any angler proved to have been in contravention of these rules will be disqualified.


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